There are many descriptions of Theresa. Theresa Ng’ambi is one of the most versatile Zambian musicians and has become an integral part of the music scene. She is a secret weapon that can empathize with a wide variety of musical contexts and gives the songs the necessary intensity and decisive polish. She radiates a positive energy whose reliability is high valued in the music world. She is a multi-talent who can move from the starting point of African folk music in any other conceivable direction. All of these descriptions are accurate but they say little, because Theresa Ng'ambi is Theresa Ng'ambi. She is a reservoir full of stories that demand acoustic implementation, always looking for new influences to create a new sound.

In 2022 Theresa collaborated with American dj poolboi. The song “Malo Okoma“ (Beautiful Place) is sung in Chichewa and English. The track was conceived as a journey of healing by Ng’ambi, written in her lowest moments in a time where she had a lot of pain from experiencing flashbacks of past tragedies. She visualised and affirmed a safe healthy earth. The video is also a declaration of love and the beauty of Zambia. Produced by Unbelievably Spectacular and Tristan Orchard.

Baku Baku is a love song in Chewa, Shona and Ndebele. Theresa's good friends Prince Masiye, the producer and vocalist and Jeremiah Nzou played guitar on one lazy day in the studio to composed a song. Jeremiah played his acoustic line and Theresa and Prince Masiye wrote words of love to it. Enjoy the piece that was created on a very lazy day..

Belgian singer, songwriter and kora player Siân Pottok came to Zambia in October 2021 at the invitation of AF Lusaka and collaborated with Theresa Ng'ambi. They created a song called "Mzimai wamu Dziko" (Women in the World). The song features the voices of 50 women from several underprivileged communities in Lusaka (Chawama, Kalingalinga, refugee camps) and is related to the empowerment project “Easily and Freely”. Produced by Alliance Française of Lusaka

In November 2018, Conservation Music collaborated with some of Lusaka's most notable artists to produce this music video to draw attention local environmental issues such as tree felling, charcoal burning and water management. The song is written by Theresa Ng'ambi. Participating artists include James Sakala, Pompi, Shops Mutambo, Maureen Lilanda and Theresa Ng’ambi.

This collaboration with the Zimbabwean artists Prince Mhlanga and Jeremiah Nzou in 2019 is a tribute to the great and unique Oliver Mtukudzi. In one of his last interviews, Zimbabwe's most famous musician summed up his work in poetic words: “The artist must heal the broken hearts. He has to give people hope.” Theresa said about this collaboration: "We gave him the honour by creating a song from a collection of songs and it is very poetic simple, short and beautiful. I am glad I shared stage with Oliver Mtukudzi and I feel honored to have given this gift an honour to our southern African Icon. Rest in peace Baba Tuku"

Renowned Zambian rapper Umusepela Crown released this video alongside Theresa Ng’ambi in 2023. The song “Ukuba Umwaume” is a hit from his album Lesa Pantanshi. It is an emotional spectacle, bringing out the reality of life, learning processes and the true definition of success with all the heavy expectations that society enforces on a male child to endure.

Zimele is a prayer chant written in Chewa that magnetize positive energy for rewarded dreams and desires. It is a song that speaks words to the universe to bring a good result that birth life of a beautiful reality to everything that we ever desire or dream. Zimele as a single song is an evidence of no boundaries in music genres. A new feature Theresa feels proud. For this song she worked with Zambian/Greek Dj El Mukuka and Spanish musician G.Zamora. Theresa is very grateful to be able to work with artists from different parts of the world. Having a bad day? Zimele is the right dose for quick energy.