Welcome to the extraordinary world of Kanjiba, where the rhythms of Africa pulsate with the heartbeat of the earth. Step into the realm of Theresa Ng’ambi, a musical luminary born amidst the lush landscapes of Zambia. With open arms, we invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and profound narratives of this Afro-traditional sensation. Journey with us as we explore the depths of Theresa’s artistry, where every chord strummed and every lyric sung resonates with the warmth of her homeland and the wisdom of her ancestors. Join us as we embark on a musical odyssey that transcends borders and embraces the universal language of the soul. Welcome to Kanjiba, the wild dove as the Nsenga people call it, where the spirit of Africa beckons you to dance, dream, and discover.

In this video, Theresa addresses the growing problem of Gender Based Violence in our societies.

Bvulani is a song about self-esteem and self confidence. Take off the mask be content with who you are!

In this TEDx performance in Lusaka in 2019 Zambian folk singer Theresa Ng'ambi recounts the story of the wise goat (as told by her grandmother). Theresa relates this tale to the importance of conserving wildlife and natural resources using the power of song.

Theresa's song "Iva Unotenda" is written in Shona. The lyric is a mantra of love and a thank you to her mother. Her mother gave her a message: “Leave the place better than you found it” she said.

Iva Unotenda (Be Grateful)

In the whispers of my mother’s wisdom, I find solace,
Her words etched in my soul, a guiding light, a sacred promise.
“Be kind, my child, be grateful” she’d gently impart,
Like the rhythm of her favorite song, echoing in my heart.

“Leave the place better than you found it” she’d say,
A mantra of love, woven in every word, every sway.
“Be a brother’s keeper, and forgive,” her sage decree,
In her legacy, I find strength, in her teachings, I am free.

Rest in peace, Mama, your spirit lives on,
In the melody of gratitude, in the dawn’s golden dawn.
With each note of the song, your wisdom unfolds,
A tapestry of love, in stories yet untold.

As African proverb whispers in the wind,
“Gratitude turns what we have into enough” it rescinds.
So Iva Unotenda, in every step, every mile,
In the echoes of your love, I find my smile.

😊 I am grateful.